I’ve been drawing in my recovery journal again! :)

Positive Meal Time Affirmations:

  • Life is more than a number.
  • Food is not the enemy.
  • I deserve to nurture myself.
  • I trust my body to feed me in such a way that I remain at a natural, comfortable weight.
  • Strength and control come from exercising my personal power in the world not from refusing to eat.
  • I trust my body to make appropriate food choices and to know when it is satisfied with food.
  • I deserve to respect my body and to treat it with care and love.
  • My happiness depends on who I am and what I do, not my weight or size.
  • Food will not make me gain unnecessary weight.
  • My feelings have nothing to do with whether or not I should eat.
  • Food will be absorbed by my body, and used for energy and healing.
  • Fats are necessary: lipids do not fatten us, but nourish us.
  • This feeling too shall pass.

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…and If you haven’t done that yet, take the steps. Because you’re worth it. I want everyone to know you’re beautiful and you’re worthy of life and you have so much ahead of you. So just work it! This goes out to all my warriors! 


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“Every addiction arises from an unconscious refusal to face and move through your own pain. Every addiction starts with pain and ends with pain. Whatever the substance you are addicted to - alcohol, food, legal or illegal drugs, or a person - you are using something or somebody to cover up your pain.” Eckhart Tolle (via occult101)

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“You want someone to love you. Do you love yourself?
You want someone to need you. Do you take care of your own needs?
You want someone to care for you. Do you care for yourself?
You want someone to be your friend. Are you a friend or an ally to yourself?
You want to be needed. Do you want you?
You want someone to honor you and be faithful to you. Do you honor yourself? Are you faithful to your well being?
You want someone to be proud of you. Are you proud of yourself and your choices?” Brittany Josephina, Questions for the Soul   (via mindofataurus)

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To anyone struggling with their mental health:


-You do not need to be sicker to get help.
- You do not need to self harm or starve yourself to ‘prove’ that you’re struggling.
- You deserve help, you are worth it.

If you’re struggling, you deserve to get help. No ifs. No buts!

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“When you grow up as a girl, the world tells you the things that you are supposed to be: emotional, loving, beautiful, wanted. And then when you are those things, the world tells you they are inferior: illogical, weak, vain, empty.” Stevie Nicks (via angelingus)

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“Happiness begins with you. Not with your relationship, your friends, or your job. But with you.” Mandy Hale (via w-ritings)

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“Even attempting recovery is showing strength.” (via mhconsumer)

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Guys, look! A little jiggle! You can see her skin bunch up when she moves! She looks real and healthy! And you know what else? She looks damn fab.

Yessss! She’s gorgeous!

Can this be a new thing? Please?

This needs to be on everybody’s dash

Always reblog ❤

Not only do guys need to see this but also girls… You don’t need to be stick thin to be “beautiful” 

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“You are worthy of love and respect. You are beautiful, gifted, and intelligent. Don’t let the storm make you forget that.” Thema Davis (via daaaaaaavid)

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